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Get Good At Things Fast Quiz

Please answer each question yes or no – whichever is most true for you

1. My boss and I generally agree about the quality of my performance.
2. It’s difficult for me to change my mind.
3. I spend quite a bit of time finding out new things.
4. I often think about possible futures I could create for myself.
5. It bothers me when people ask me questions to which I don’t know the answers.
6. I’ve learned a completely new skill in the past year.
7. I am often surprised to find out what others think of me.
8. I ask people in my life to tell me the hard truths about myself.
9. I’m often caught off-guard by my reactions to events.
10. If I don’t improve at something quickly, I tend to stop doing it.
11. I think some things are inherently boring.
12. It’s hard to get myself to do things I know I ought to do.
13. I don’t need to ask many questions.
14. I’m OK about making mistakes when I’m new to something.
15. I like having to learn new skills at work.
16. I reflect on my weaknesses.
17. I feel content with my current level of expertise at my job.
18. I’m driven to understand how things work.
19. When I don’t want to do something, I can usually talk myself into it.
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