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Do you have what it takes to Make BIG Happen?

There are three kinds of people: those who make things happen, those who let things happen, and those who ask, “What happened?”  

Which person are you? The Make Big Happen quiz will assess if you are on the right track to grow your personal life, health or business BIG. The four categories in this quiz cut to the heart of what makes people succeed in living, working, and giving: vision, action, anticipate, measure. 

Assess if you have what it takes to make BIG happen in your life! 

Once you finish the quiz you will receive a preview of your results on this page. We’ll also email you the full results.

On the questions below rate on a scale of one to ten how you are doing based on these prompt questions.


1. Do you feel you’ve truly spent significant time, at a high level, executing and communicating your company’s vision? Do your employees know your company’s vision?

2. Do your employees understand your company’s most important goals?

3. Are you highly passionate about what you are doing today?


4. Do you know what specific and measurable activities will lead you to the results you want?

5. Do you know specifically what it will take to guarantee you achieve your goals this year?

6. Have you identified the three to four things you should stop doing this year to be more effective?


7. Everybody has blind spots – Do you know what your top three are?

8. Do you know the top three to four things that are going to get in the way of you achieving your plan and how to overcome them?

9. Do you know what it will take to be the disruptor in your industry instead of the disruptee?


10. Have you identified and determined how to track key performance indicators?

11. Are you measuring the activities that will lead you to the result you want?

12. Do you have somebody holding you accountable?

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