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Grace Meets Grit Leadership Survey
Grace Meets Grit Leadership Survey
For the most accurate response, when responding, think of how you compare to most people – not just the people you know well. There are no right or wrong answers, so just answer honestly. After reading each statement, please select your rating based on the extent to which you agree the statement is like you.

*After you take the quiz, your results will be displayed on this page and delivered via email.
1. I prefer to work independently when focusing on an urgent problem, involving others only when I must.

2. When someone is talking to me, I pay close attention to what is being said, listening with genuine interest.

3. When working on a complex problem, I find it helpful to concentrate on one piece at a time.

4. I go out of my way to ensure others' opinions are heard in work situations

5. I do my best work when I can focus in on a singular project.

6. When making a decision that has implications for others, I take my time to gather and consider all relevant information, even if this means extending the decision deadline.

7. When my team, department, or organization is 'bleeding' I immediately strive to fix the problem, before checking in with the team.

8. Regardless of the circumstances, I strive to ensure that individuals have an equal position.

9. Even when I have others to help, I rely most often on my own skills and abilities.

10. I am able to effectively inspire and motivate others, even during challenging situations.

11. I actively monitor how my results compare to those of my peers.

12. I prioritize spending time nurturing genuine relationships with my co-workers and team.

13. In organizing my workload, I work to finish one task completely before moving on to the next.

14. I actively make known the role others play in achieving results.

15. I prioritize activities/projects that I can achieve immediately over those that will take more time to accomplish.

16. I work to understand big picture implications before turning to a short-term fix.

17. During important meetings, I actively work to promote or strengthen my position.

18. Involving others in planning and execution is essential to achieving results.

19. I make an effort to ensure my results are visible to my boss and other organizational leaders.

20. In an important meeting I ensure my ideas are fully formed before sharing an idea publicly.

21. I prefer to have ownership over an entire project rather than delegate parts.

22. I evaluate my performance based on my accomplishment of long-term goals rather than day-to-day results.

23. Collaboration is an activity that I do not enjoy having to participate in or lead.

24. I believe that having power has nothing to do with helping me to achieve my goals in life.

25. I believe in my skills and abilities, and will apply for a role even if I don't meet all of the criteria written in the job description.

26. When confronted with a new job opportunity, I will forgo the opportunity unless I have all of the experience outlined in the position description.

27. At work, using my power enables me to achieve results with more impact.

28. In the lunchroom, I often sit with my team or friends as opposed to strategically sitting with someone in a position of power and influence.

29. During social gatherings in the office or when participating in a work-related event, I take the opportunity to build a relationship with a senior individual or someone I believe can help me advance my career.

30. Gender:
31. Which of the following ages ranges do you fall in?

32. How would you best describe your position at work?

33. How many years of work experience do you have?

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