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Posttraumatic Stress Auto Accident Assessment
1. Were you involved in an accident that exposed you to actual or threatened death or serious injury?
2. Have you had recurrent involuntary and intrusive distressing memories of the accident?
3. Have you had recurrent distressing dreams in which the content or emotions are related to the accident?
4. Have you had experiences in which you feel or act as if the accident were recurring (flashbacks)?
5. Have you had intense, prolonged distress to things that remind you of the accident?
6. Have you had physical reactions to things that remind you of the accident?
7. Do you avoid memories, thoughts or feelings about the accident?
8. Do you avoid places or other things that remind you of the accident?
9. Do you have an inability to remember an important aspect of the accident?
10. Do you have persistent negative expectations and beliefs about yourself?
11. Do you have distorted thoughts about the accident that lead you to blame yourself or others about the accident?
12. Do you have persistent negative emotions such as fear, anger or guilt?
13. Do you have diminished interest in activities you previously enjoyed?
14. Do you have feelings of being detached from others?
15. Do you have a persistent inability to feel positive emotions?
16. Are you irritable and have angry outbursts for little reason?
17. Do you engage in reckless or self-destructive behavior?
18. Are you hypervigilant?
19. Do you have an exaggerated startle response?
20. Do you have problems with concentration?
21. Do you have sleep disturbance?
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