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The Awesome Career Audit: Discover What’s in your Career Savings Account™?
Please answer each of the twelve questions below and click submit to receive your results.
1. If you were at a coffee shop and ran into people from your last job, how awkward would it be?

2. When was the last time you learned how to do something new related to your career?

3. If you have ten skills that are unique to you, how many of them are you able to use at your current job?

4. Do you have a mentor, coach, or advocate you meet with occasionally?

5. One of the keys to learning a new skill or sharpening an old one is to schedule time on your calendar for when you will actually do it. When you have to accomplish something, how likely are you to write down a time and date you’ll do it?

6. If you lost your job today and needed to send your resume to friends, how many people could you send it to?

7. Faced with a challenge at work, what Disney character would you react like?

8. How many times a day at work do you check the internet or your phone for non-work related things?

9. Is your significant other tired of hearing about what you’re going to do “someday?” (If you don’t have one, please write an angry tweet to me, @JonAcuff, for assuming everyone on the planet has a significant other and then answer the question as if it said “best friend” instead.)

10. How many hours of TV do you watch each week?

11. When you go to a meeting, what do you do?

12. In the last month, how many times did you get up early or stay up late to do something that you’re passionate about? (Run, write a blog post, read a book, etc.)

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