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Are you ready for your comeback?
Take a few minutes to answer this 20-question quiz. For each question, choose the answer that best reflects your opinion on the statement.
1. It is okay if I don't make it to every one of my child's soccer games, dance recitals, etc.

2. Making time for myself outside of work and family is healthy.

3. It's normal if I'm not perfect all the time at home or at work.

4. Certain skills I learned from motherhood can translate well in the workplace.

5. My children can benefit just as much from me being a working mother as if I were still at home.

6. I should strive to be the best in my field and climb to the top of the ladder in my profession.

7. Monetary gain is the biggest factor for advancing in my career.

8. You consider yourself a "yes" person.

9. I find great satisfaction in empowering those around me.

10. I enjoy staying up to date on the latest trends and innovations in my career.

11. I am able to tune out workplace gossip and rumors.

12. I believe both positive and negative experiences have shaped me into a better employee, colleague and/or leader.

13. I realize the importance of being a role model and serving as a mentor to others in my company.

14. I will take whatever means necessary to get ahead and attain my goals.

15. I expect my employer to be flexible and show compassion if I need to take off to attend to a family emergency.

16. It's important for me to have an understanding of the stock market.

17. I must have at least $5,000 to begin investing.

18. A higher rate of return on a risky stock outweighs investing in a lower risk stock with a lower rate of return.

19. An active investment strategy is a good idea for someone with little knowledge and no advisor.

20. Before investing, I should focus on saving and paying down on debt.

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