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The Leading With Intention Assessment

Leading with intention begins with being more aware of your impact and the actions you choose day by day, moment by moment. By capitalizing on these moments you can make a real difference in your work and your life.

This assessment provides you with the opportunity to take a step back and examine to what extent you are being intentional in your everyday life. It consists of 25 statements; your responses to these statements may range from "Strongly Agree" to "Strongly Disagree" - or you may be neutral. Your answers should reflect how you are now, not how you would like to be. You are the only one who will see the results (unless you decide to share them), so please be honest. The more accurate your responses, the more accurately your results will reflect your current level of intention.

After completing the survey, you will receive an explanation of your results, including where you fall within Leading with Intention's three layers of growth, and suggestions for continuing your development.

Thank you for participating!


Mindy Hall

1. . I am aware of how others perceive me

2. . I am aware of the impact I have on my organization

3. . I am aware of the organizational context in which I am working

4. . I am aware of the non-verbal cues I send others

5. . I am aware of how my mind-sets shape my behavior

6. . I am choosing the impact I want to have

7. . I believe I can make a difference in my organization

8. . I believe I can make a difference in the world

9. . I think about how I want others to perceive me

10. . I am intentional in how I spend my time

11. . I listen to others actively

12. . I choose the words I use carefully

13. . I consider non-verbal communication to be as important as the words I use

14. . Others would describe me as “present”

15. . I am willing to stay involved in difficult conversations

16. . I do what I say I am going to do

17. . I test my perceptions of people and situations

18. . I am responsible for the tone I set in my interactions with others

19. . I actively model behavior that supports my organization’s culture

20. . I am able to adjust my behavior “in the moment”

21. . I am open to my own learning

22. . I am open to changing what isn’t working

23. . I have a plan for my own development

24. . I invest in the development of others

25. . I am intentional in my life outside of work

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