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Quiz – Are you a Quiet or Expressive Influencer?
Influencing styles come in different forms and, while each can be effective, it helps you grow as an influencer if you better understand what your unique style is. Take this quiz to determine if you are a quiet or expressive influencer. Select “a” or “b” as the action you are most likely to take.
1. You have been a strong performer at your organization and believe you deserve a raise. You:
2. You want your organization to consider a new “work from home” policy so you:
3. You are co-leading a project with John. While on a conference call with the entire team, he loudly interrupts you 3 times.
4. A peer in another department has been assigned to work on your project. He has several competing priorities and was three days late on his last assignment. You decide to:
5. Your client doesn’t volunteer needed feedback on your work performance. You decide to:
6. Your busy day includes a Chamber of Commerce breakfast, followed by conference calls, meetings and dinner out. Tomorrow looks like more of the same. You look forward to:
7. You are in charge of redesigning a work process that requires “out of the box thinking.” Your first move is to:
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