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How Much Do You Know About Introverted Leaders?
Take this short quiz to discover how much you know about introverts in the workplace. You will see your results immediately. 
1. Introverted leaders value all of these traits except:

2. Which of these challenges is not associated with introversion?

3. When introverts undersell themselves, they experience:

4. The best way for an introvert to improve on a speech is to:

5. The psychologist who introduced the theory of introversion is:

6. Humor is an asset to introverted leaders because it:

7. The most effective step introverts can take before networking events is to:

8. Being introverted is the same as being shy:
9. Introverts make up approximately 40-60% of the workplace:
10. Communicate your ideas in writing to get the most out of introverts on your team.
11. Introverted leaders do not embrace social media in a purposeful way.
12. Introverted leaders use extroverted behavior when necessary:
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